TrendX Utility

The gamified trading token that earns you passive revenue while you make money trading

How it works...


1) TRADES Holder receive trading signals, microcap research, and alerts when popular trading accounts make purchases

2) PROFIT SHARING Holders will share 100% of profits generated from trading. Funds are public at TrendXFunds.eth

3) NETWORKING As our social network grows you'll get access to the connections we make and influence we create

4) REVENUE STREAMS All revenue streams added get shared with holders (ex. FriendTech, Marketing)

5) X What makes us unique, our ability to adapt, grow, and survive regardless of the trend




If you hold certain levels of $TRENDX you will get access to our private VIP telegram! At the current price we have unlocked this access for holders of 50k or more tokens (previously 100k). In this group we share what tokens we are about to purchase and give the reasons for why we believe the price will go up. We have also tracked some popular Twitter (X) accounts and will share what they are buying, usually before they decided to tweet about it. We also have generated a small network in that group that allows us to have more reach and a higher chance of picking up on some tokens early. Some additional features we will be adding are things like sharing bot signals as well as sharing whale alerts.

To provide a cheaper option for those that can't afford the 50k tokens we have created a FriendTech account that offers a similar experience. Not all of the information gets shared there but most of the trading signals get shared there. The other information that is more secret remains in the VIP telegram.

Current cost: 50k $TRENDX tokens

Monthly cost: 0.10 $ETH every 36 days

As the $TRENDX trading fund grows we will start sharing profits with holders like we have done in the past. In the initial phase we are in our goal is to grow the fund rapidly and to reach a large enough size that we are able to trade, make profits, and send out profits frequently. The current requirements for receiving trading profits is to be holding 100k tokens. The more tokens you hold over 100k, the more of the trading fund you will receive! Someone holding 250k tokens for example will get 2.5x more of profits than someone holding only 100k tokens. Over time we will extend payouts to lower levels which allows us a chance to have long term growth while making the long term investors happy (to keep them from selling). Smaller holders get rewarded through price increases through our buybacks and changing paywalls that keep buyers engaged. We also offer the chance for small holders to earn FREE $TRENDX tokens by submitting trades to the TrendXTrades.eth wallet. The trades that do well will get you rewarded with tokens! The idea behind providing value to $TRENDX holders long term includes coming up with creative ways to reward all holders but ultimately an increase in price for the token benefits ALL holders and that's the main priority for this project.

100k Tokens + Gets you access to a proportional share of the entire trading fund. The more you hold the larger your share
50k Tokens + Gets you access to the private group
Small Holders + Can earn tokens from submitting trades

ALL HOLDERS will benefit from buybacks and price increases which is the driving force of $TRENDX

Part of building a large Twitter following with $TRENDX and engaging with other accounts is to create a Microcrap Trading Network. When we start building a reputation as a team of people that can find good projects early we'll start getting more influence with the projects we tweet about. This helps us to get our trades more exposure as well as driving up demand for our private telegram groups which ultimately drives up the price of the token. Building a network also gets us valuable information about upcoming projects as well as learning about which devs are building what projects. It's a known fact that are a lot of groups working behind the scenes of these projects and helping market them so if we can build our own network it will provide even more value to all of our holders. We can also monetize this networking by adding things like subscriptions on Twitter (X), sharing X ad revenue, and sharing the networking deals we have with our holders!


We have only introduced one revenue stream so far and we have more that will introduced as we grow. The first one introduced was FriendTech where 100% of the revenue generated on that app goes back to holders. As our twitter following grows we'll be able to start leveraging that to start getting paid marketing deals and even token allocations that would go straight back to the holders. It's hard enough for new projects to get exposure but if we can build a network and reputation we can monetize that to increase the frequency of our payouts and have more options for making revenue with this project.

FRIENDTECH: We use this platform to generate trading fees that go 100% back to holders

MARKETING: We will leverage our reputation and influence as our Twitter (X) account grows in order to monetize it. Paid deals, marketing revenue, X ads, etc.

MONTHLY SUBSCRIPTIONS: For the smaller wallets that can't get up to 50k tokens we will be offering monthly subscriptions for our private trading signals

TOKEN ALLOCATIONS: We have plans to find a clever way to get tokens to send us amounts in order to give them reviews/exposure

X: We will keep adding revenue streams as more ideas emerge and more trends are created

The X variable allows us to adapt to new trends, stay relevant each cycle, and keeps us flexible so we can have a long term vision.