What is TrendX?


1) TRADES Holders receive trading signals, microcap research, and alerts when popular trading accounts make purchases. We have various tier levels that allow for accounts small and big to benefit from these.

2) PROFIT SHARING Holders will share 100% of profits generated from trading. Most funds are public at TrendXFunds.eth and TrendXPay.eth

3) REVENUE SHARING All revenue streams added get shared with holders. This includes the subscription models we have and a lot of revenue models we haven't implemented yet. These revenue streams are separate from trading profits and allows for sustainability if trading is slow.

4) TOKENOMICS We have a perfect 99/99 on Dextscore, 100% of supply in circulation, 5% of the supply has been burned forever, our contract is renounced, and liquidity is locked.

5) NETWORKING As our social network grows you'll get access to the connections we make and influence we create. This includes the introduction of FIRS (Fractionalized Influencer Revenue Sharing). Holders will share 100% of the money we make from Twitter.

6) Project X We have introduced a lifetime ticket pass to share in the monetization of the TrendX brand as well as increase $TRENDX demand.



6. Project X

If you hold certain levels of $TRENDX you will get access to our private VIP telegram! This is where we share all of our early trades that we get from our research as well as tracking influencer activity. At the current price we have unlocked this access for holders of 50k or more tokens (previously 100k). As the price goes up the amount of tokens needed to join will decrease which benefits those that buy early. Those that may not be able to afford the current threshold might be able to afford the next one so it's beneficial to accumulate while prices are lower. For those that want access to the trades and may not have enough tokens yet you are able to pay a monthly fee or pay for a permanent but tradable lifetime pass which is part of Project X.

Current Costs and Tiers (Subject to Change)

50k $TRENDX Tokens: Gets you access to the private telegram chat group, trade signal group, and makes you eligible for revenue sharing

0.10 $ETH/MONTH: Gets you access to the private trading signal group

Project X (ONEX): Gets you access to the private trading signal group and makes you eligible for non trading revenue share

In the private telegram chat group we share what tokens we are about to purchase and give the reasons for why we believe the price will go up. We have also tracked some popular Twitter (X) accounts and will share what they are buying, usually before they decide to tweet about it. We also have generated a small network in that group that allows us to have more reach and a higher chance of picking up on some tokens early. Some additional features we will add are things like sharing bot signals as well as sharing whale alerts. There is a lot of networking that goes on in this group which provides a lot of value you can't get elsewhere.

In the private trading signal group you get read only trade signals which have concise information as to why the trade was taken. These signals come before we make purchases with the public wallet which has an astonishing 73% win rate and an average return of 86%. This means the VIP trade signals have an even higher win rate and return (we have begun documenting the success rate).

As the $TRENDX trading wallets grow the profits get sent to the public wallet TrendXPay.eth. When this wallet reaches a certain level we will notify members that they have a limited window of time to make sure they have enough tokens to qualify (or to increase their holdings to receive a larger payout). The exact time of these payouts will be random to ensure holders aren't just jumping in and out. The payouts are issued in ETH!

The requirement and amount you will receive will vary for each payout and it's important to pay attention to updates and notifications to make sure you hold enough tokens. For example in November, 2023, we have a $100,000 payout that will require you to hold at least 50k tokens. The holders with more than that have additional incentives and bonuses for having larger positions, such as some of the top 3 holders taking home on average $7,000 to $9,000 (for this specific payout).

Current Token Tier Levels for Payouts

100k Tokens + You get a larger proportional share and every additional 50k you hold gets you even more. Also access to private groups.

50k Tokens + Makes you eligible for payouts and gets you access to the private groups

Small Holders + Future payouts will allow you to be eligible and random payouts will be implemented

ALL HOLDERS will benefit from buybacks and price increases which is the driving force of $TRENDX and Project X

Part of building a large Twitter following with $TRENDX and engaging with other accounts is to create a Microcrap Trading Network. When we start building a reputation as a team of people that can find good projects early we'll start getting more influence with the projects we tweet about. This helps us to get our trades more exposure as well as driving up demand for our private telegram groups which ultimately drives up the price of the token. Building a network also gets us valuable information about upcoming projects as well as learning about which devs are building what projects. It's a known fact that are a lot of groups working behind the scenes of these projects and helping market them so if we can build our own network it will provide even more value to all of our holders. We can also monetize this networking by adding things like subscriptions on Twitter (X), sharing X ad revenue, and sharing the networking deals we have with our holders!

We are now part of the BlockTools Consortium A networking group of developers and projects to help grow our respective tokens


We have only introduced a few revenue streams so far and we have more that we will introduce as we grow. The first one introduced was FriendTech where 100% of the revenue generated on the app goes back to holders. As our twitter following grows we'll be able to start leveraging that to start getting paid marketing deals and even token allocations that would go straight back to the holders. A big part of this will be explained and introduced in Section 6: Project X.

FRIENDTECH: We use this platform to generate trading fees that go 100% back to holders

MARKETING: We will leverage our reputation and influence as our Twitter (X) account grows in order to monetize it. Paid deals, marketing revenue, X ads, etc.

SUBSCRIBERS: We now have paid subscribers that will generate an additional stream of revenue

TOKEN ALLOCATIONS: We will be sharing token allocations that we get from partnering and working with teams that we've vetted

PROJECT X: We will be doing Fractional Influencer Revenue Sharing which will essentially make TrendX like a hybrid influencer when it comes to our social media presence. 100% of the paid marketing deals will go back to holders (See Project X).

MORE REVENUE STREAMS: With the emergence of new trends we'll be adding new revenue streams. We don't even know what some of these will be but as we watch this space grow we'll be able to find creative ways to add more streams. This is the power of X!

We are a truly unique utility and revenue sharing token that continues to adapt to trends while growing value for its holders. An evolving entity that creates new concepts, learns from trends, and has proven survivability long term. While most developers and tokens have to relaunch new tokens every time there is a new trend we simply pivot and reallocate our trading fund to match the current conditions. We essentially morph into what we invest in while implementing well thought out strategies to either pioneer the way for that trend or to piggyback on its success.

Utility and Value


Circulating Supply: 9,500,000
Total Supply: 9,500,000
Burned Supply: 5% (500,000)
Public Wallets: TrendXPay.eth, TrendXFund, and TrendXTrades.eth
Liquidity: 4.4x ratio of Marketcap to Liquidity
Taxes: 2/2 (Originally 5/5)
Contract Renounced: YES
DextTools Score: 99/99

This has been a long term vision for $TRENDX and it's exciting that we get to finally lay out the pieces and foundation for it. We have spent over 200 days learning, researching, and figuring out what is needed to grow $TRENDX and to keep providing values to holders. We've watched revenue sharing become a new trend and we've seen the introduction of things like telegram bots and other trading tools. With every new trend comes copycats, clones, and others trying to ride along the hype without haven't any real intentions for long term success. Not only have we found a way to stand out from the crowd but we have already gone through the growing pains of building a token and building a community which makes the next evolution and phase even more exciting. Project X now represents the entire entity of what we've built, with $TRENDX being the exclusive trading token used for everything.

The Triple X of TREND(X)

X = $TRENDX: The tradable token that is required to receive 100% of the trading revenue as well as get private access to the telegram chat. Holding and buying this token is what provides values to our holders and increasing the price over time is our main priority.

X = X (Twitter): We will be using the success of our trades and influence to build a large following that we will monetize. Unlike large influencers who benefit solely from their own success we will be sharing 100% of the tokens, paid deals, monetization, and ad revenue we generate.

X = ONEX: This will become a 1:1 representation of the value you own through our Fractionalized Influencer Revenue Sharing. This is not another token but a limited (100 supply) asset that represents a share of your ownership/payout and allows holders lifetime access to our private trades

The Hybrid Transformation of Project X

This is essentially your lifetime pass to Project X. This is a limited 1:1 ERC20 token (not a typically traded asset) that will get you access to the trading signals as well as payouts generated from the revenue streams. All payouts are evenly distributed regardless of how many are in circulation (If only 10 then all 10 will share the payout evenly). This essentially acts as 1% ownership of X (Twitter) and its future monetization with the bonus of getting trading signals (this does not include the private chat). What makes this unique is that it is not price dependent like $TRENDX and the value is irrelevant until it sells out which would then theoretically make it worth more. It can be traded between users via OTC once all 100 have been sold. The purchase price of ONEX will be one 1 ETH (1 ETH: 1 ONEX).

Benefits of owning ONEX

> Access to the trading signals as long as you are in possession of it (currently it costs 0.10 Eth/Month or to hold 50k $TRENDX tokens)
> You benefit from the $TRENDX payouts by how much the ONEX wallet holds of TRENDX (Currently 200k)
> Each ONEX that you own represents how much of the revenue share you will get (100% is shared among ONEX holders)
> You will be eligible to receive token allocations from sponsorship deals
> You get profits from the ONEX wallet trades

How does ONEX benefit $TRENDX?

One third of all profits generated from the sales of ONEX will go immediately back to buying $TRENDX. These constant buy backs will continue to benefit $TRENDX holders from higher prices while also increasing value in the ONEX wallet. The ONEX holders will benefit from the payouts that come from holding $TRENDX in the wallet while the buybacks will benefit $TRENDX holders by increasing the price while decreasing supply and making it more difficult to be eligible for a payout (a benefit for holding $TRENDX long term).

Example of how it works

User buys ONEX > Some $TRENDX gets purchased > Price of $TRENDX goes up > User gets access to trades > Twitter (X) generates revenue from a paid partnership deal > ONEX holders get paid > $TRENDX pays out $100,000 > The ONEX wallet holds 200k $TRENDX so ONEX holders all share those payouts > The holder continues to get trade signals and will continue to receive passive income


What is ONEX?

There could probably be a separate white paper just for Project X but we wanted to keep things as simple as possible for the users to understand what all the new changes and updates will be. The idea behind implementing Project X is not to take away from the value of $TRENDX but to actually drive up the demand and price. The ONEX wallet will become a powerful driving force to increase the value of the token while making the payouts larger for those that continue to hold $TRENDX!


This will become a common question but this is the wrong mindset as the goal of Project X is actually growing $TRENDX by implementing ONEX. So the question should be do you just hold $TRENDX or do you hold $TRENDX and ONEX.


Those that do not have the extra capital or don't want to purchase anything should have no issues with ONEX being added as the sole purpose is to help drive up your payout amounts and to increase the demand and price of the $TRENDX token. Holding the token gives you access to trading signals, research, payouts, and over time benefiting from the price going up. Over time early investors should be able to make back their initial investment in as early as 3 payouts.


For those that simply want a passive source of income and don't want to care about prices you could benefit from holding this exclusively. You would just hold ONEX and get trading signals and payouts whenever revenue is generated. You would get fractionalized payments from the $TRENDX payouts as the ONEX wallet will hold tokens and receive payouts (which will automatically get distributed).


This is where you'll be able to see the benefit of holding both. The $TRENDX tokens will get you access to the private chat group (only for $TRENDX holders) while the ONEX ticket will get you access to the FIRS revenue. Holding both will also mean you'll get an extra bonus for the payout while increasing your frequency for getting more consistent payments. ONEX will be smaller payouts more frequent with $TRENDX being larger but happening less frequently.

Here's an example: You are holding 50k $TRENDX and you get a payout from the $100,000 that is/was issued in November. You now have additional ETH and decide to purchase a ONEX ticket. As others start purchasing you notice the price of $TRENDX start going up (through buybacks) so as you hold waiting for your next payout you are also benefiting from an increase in price. While you wait for the $TRENDX payout you start seeing the ONEX wallet fill up from partnership deals, ad monetization, subscriber revenue, and more. You then get a revenue payout just for holding ONEX in your wallet! A few weeks later $TRENDX issues another payout from its trades and you get a large payment but also notice you get a second payment from holding ONEX because that wallet also holds $TRENDX (Fractionalized Payout). With these new payouts you then decided to invest in the trading signals growing your capital. Passive and Active Opportunities.

The Key Takeaways from Project X

ONEX: This becomes a limited (100) lifetime pass to the whole concept behind ProjectX. The price is pegged 1:1 with Ethereum and you get access to the trading signals, revenue share, trading profits from OneX wallet, and 100% of revenue/tokens generated from Twitter (X). A truly passive experience that rewards you for holding.

Twitter (X): The influence and reputation we are building with TrendX will allow us to start growing on Twitter (as an influencer would) allowing us to share 100% of what we make with our holders (Fractionalized Influencer Revenue Sharing). This means every paid deal, token allocation, affiliate revenue, and any other source we use to monetize on Twitter (X) will be going back to our holders.

The goal of $TRENDX is to make you money from holding (passive) so you can use that money to make money trading (active)