TrendX Trades

Exclusive and early trading signals with verifiable results

Private Trading Access

If you hold certain levels of $TRENDX you will get access to our private VIP telegram! This is where we share all of our early trades that we get from our research as well as tracking influencer activity. At the current price we have unlocked this access for holders of 50k or more tokens (previously 100k). As the price goes up the amount of tokens needed to join will decrease which benefits those that buy early. Those that may not be able to afford the current threshold might be able to afford the next one so it's beneficial to accumulate while prices are lower. For those that want access to the trades and may not have enough tokens yet you are able to pay a monthly fee or pay for a permanent but tradable lifetime pass which is part of Project X.

Current Costs and Tiers (Subject to Change)

50k $TRENDX Tokens: Gets you access to the private telegram chat group, trade signal group, and makes you eligible for revenue sharing

0.10 $ETH/MONTH: Gets you access to the private trading signal group

Project X (ONEX): Gets you access to the private trading signal group and makes you eligible for non trading revenue share

In the private telegram chat group we share what tokens we are about to purchase and give the reasons for why we believe the price will go up. We have also tracked some popular Twitter (X) accounts and will share what they are buying, usually before they decide to tweet about it. We also have generated a small network in that group that allows us to have more reach and a higher chance of picking up on some tokens early. Some additional features we will add are things like sharing bot signals as well as sharing whale alerts. There is a lot of networking that goes on in this group which provides a lot of value you can't get elsewhere.

In the private trading signal group you get read only trade signals which have concise information as to why the trade was taken. These signals come before we make purchases with the public wallet which has an astonishing 73% win rate and an average return of 86%. This means the VIP trade signals have an even higher win rate and return (we have begun documenting the success rate).

How to join?

There are 3 ways to access the trades depending on the level of investor you are and what additional benefits you are looking for. The highest level is holding 50k $TRENDX which gets you access to all private chats and signals and allows you revenue share of all the trades. The next level is ONEX which is a one time purchase that gets you access to all trades and separate revenue sharing (See OneX). The last one is almost like a trial to see if you would benefit from the trades and is 0.10 eth for 36 days which you can continue to renew. You do not get any revenue share with the monthly payment package.

1) Holding 50k $TRENDX

Once you hold 50k or more $TRENDX tokens you can go to Telegram ( and type /vip to get started! If you need assistance you can ask in the telegram

2) Holding ONEX

Once you have purchase ONEX simply messages us on Telegram or Twitter with the transaction and will send you the private link to get access. All the revenue will be paid out automatically so there is nothing else to do once you have it. To purchase ONEX Click Here

3) 0.10 ETH for 36 days

Once you have sent 0.10 to TrendXPay.eth wallet simply message us on Telegram or Twitter with the transaction and we will send you the private link to get access. Once the 36 days has expire we will revoke your access and ask you again if you would like to renew! If you think it is worth it consider the options above as you will never have to worry about renewing and you also receive bonuses like revenue and profit sharing for holding.

SAMPLE TRADES BELOW (Follow on Twitter (X) to see our trade updates as we are verty transparent and use verifiable wallets)