TrendX Payouts

Learn about our strategic payout system that rewards long term holding

$350,000 Paid Out Total

In order to keep selling pressure at a minimum and create incentives for holders to keep accumulating we have built out a new form of staking we are calling Incentive Based Holding (IBH). How this works is holders of 50k or more $TRENDX tokens are eligible to receive the next payout automatically. These payouts will be in liquid assets such as Ethereum or USDC to increase incentives of holding as well as decrease more supply being introduced in the markets (with traditional staking you are rewarded with the native token). Holders of 100k or more receive the largest rewards but holding 50k makes you eligible.

Previous Payout Structure for $100,000 payout

For every 100k $TRENDX you hold you will get at least $1,000 paid out automatically

The first round of the payment we will pay out $1,000 to everyone that holds an increment of 100k $TRENDX. That means if you have 200k $TRENDX you will receive $2,000. If you have 400k, you will receive $4,000. The more you own the less likely others are able to reach 100k so you have an incentive to own more. Since we have wallets that own $TRENDX and we've burned $TRENDX there is extra money available. This is why we are now allowing 50k holders to qualify!

Everyone holding 50k or more $TRENDX will share the remaining payouts (100k holders count as 2 50k holders)

Based on the current wallet holdings everyone holding even intervals of 50k will receive $650. If you hold more than 100k tokens you also get the $1,000 payout plus 2 payouts of ($650).

Breakdown of how the payout would go based on current holders - Subject to change as holders change

Hold 400k $TRENDX (2 qualify) = Avg payout of $9,200
Hold 350k $TRENDX (0 qualify) = Avg payout of $7,550
Hold 300k $TRENDX (1 qualify) = Avg payout of $6,900
Hold 250k $TRENDX (3 qualify) = Avg payout of $5,250
Hold 200k $TRENDX (1 qualify) = Avg payout of $4,600
Hold 150k $TRENDX (5 qualify) = Avg payout of $2,950
Hold 100k $TRENDX (11 qualify) = Avg payout of $2,300

Hold 50k $TRENDX (14 qualify) = Avg payout of $650

Constants: $1,000 for every 100k you own
Variable X: The amount shared with holders of 50k (The less there are the more people will share)