OneX (Project X)

Benefits of owning ONEX

> Access to the trading signals as long as you are in possession of it (currently it costs 0.10 Eth/Month or to hold 50k $TRENDX tokens)
> You benefit from the $TRENDX payouts by how much the ONEX wallet holds of TRENDX
> Each ONEX that you own represents how much of the revenue share you will get (100% is shared among ONEX holders)
> You will be eligible to receive token allocations from sponsorship deals
> You get profits from the ONEX wallet trades
> You get 100% of the revenue from any partnership deals we make (the same deals influencers take but we share 100% with you)

How does ONEX benefit $TRENDX?

One third of all profits generated from the sales of ONEX will go back to buying $TRENDX at strategic times. These constant buy backs will continue to benefit $TRENDX holders from higher prices while also increasing value in the ONEX wallet. The ONEX holders will benefit from the payouts that come from holding $TRENDX in the wallet while the buybacks will benefit $TRENDX holders by increasing the price while decreasing supply and making it more difficult to be eligible for a payout (a benefit for holding $TRENDX long term).

Example of how it works

User buys ONEX > Some $TRENDX gets purchased > Price of $TRENDX goes up > User gets access to trades > Twitter (X) generates revenue from a paid partnership deal > ONEX holders get paid > $TRENDX pays out $100,000 > The ONEX wallet holds 200k $TRENDX so ONEX holders all share those payouts > The holder continues to get trade signals and will continue to receive passive income

QUICK SUMMARY: A limited (100) pass to the whole concept behind ProjectX and the hybrid transformation. The price is pegged 1:1 with Ethereum until sold out and then can be traded on the free market at the value decided by holders (OTC). We will also consider doing a 1:1 airdrop with NFTs to then allow trading fees to go to the ONEX fund.

When you hold ONEX you get access to the trading signals, revenue share, trading profits from OneX wallet, and 100% of revenue/tokens generated from monetizing Twitter (X). A truly passive experience that rewards you for holding while giving you the bonus of exclusive trading signals.

What is ONEX?

Or to purchase ONEX send 1 ETH to:

OneXFund.eth or 0x35d4D4C2Db6000Cb2DB0D89F8C4f1365487FDF2A

You will then receive the ONEX ticket! Then just message us on Twitter or Telegram to get private access to our trading signals

This is essentially your pass to Project X. This is a limited 1:1 ERC20 token (not a typically traded asset) that will get you access to the trading signals as well as payouts generated from the revenue streams. All payouts are evenly distributed regardless of how many are in circulation (If only 10 then all 10 will share the payout evenly). This essentially acts as 1% ownership of X (Twitter) revenue and its future monetization with the bonus of getting trading signals (current cost is 0.10 eth/month or holding 50k $TRENDX).

What makes OneX unique is that it is not price dependent like $TRENDX and the value is decided by the holders. It can be traded between users via OTC platforms once all 100 have been sold. This means early investors will get to purchase at the lowest price and once supply is 100% in circulation it will be up to the users to dictate the value.

The purchase price of ONEX will be one 1 ETH (1 ETH: 1 ONEX).

Buying ONEX

*Do not purchase using any other method than the ones above as those might be scams

You can purchase via OTC by using

We currently have 5 listed on OTSEA

1) ONEX listing (1) (SOLD)
2) ONEX listing (2 of 5)
3) ONEX listing (3 of 5)
4) ONEX listing (4 of 5)
5) ONEX listing (5 of 5)