IBH Staking

The first round goes live from February 1st to February 29th

Accumulate $TRENDX

The first official round of IBH staking goes lives with your chance to receive a payout as well as share in your take of an estimated $100,000 in value allocation.


  1. Be holding at least 25k $TRENDX by February 1st

  2. Every 25k $TRENDX you hold gets you 1 point. If you hold 125k $TRENDX you'll get 5 points

  3. Must hold the entire length of February as a snapshot will be taken at the start and end

  4. No need to connect your wallet or do anything other than hold your tokens in your wallet (your wallet, your keys)

  5. If you sell tokens during the IBH staking window you will not be eligible for the rewards

  6. There is no benefit to splitting up tokens in different wallets. Just accumulate, hold, get rewarded

Starts February 1st
You have now until February 1st and the time of the official tweet announcement and screenshot to accumulate as many chunk of 25k tokens to qualify

Message us in Telegram: https://t.me/trendx_pro