A new way to trade the TREND

Our gamified "Trend Trading" system allows users passive and active ways to profit from trends. Revenue sharing, profit sharing, utility, trading signals, social finance, and more!


Expansive Utility

$TRENDX can become anything that it wants to be with its core principals being focused on revenue sharing, profit sharing, social fi, network monetizing, trading signals, marketing, and trend adaptability


VIP Access
for holders

The private group for those holding more than 50k holders will also provide trading signals, trend reports, and all other private trading information. Influencer wallet tracking, bot signal sharing, alpha leaks
and pre launch signals.

If you can't afford 50k tokens there is a subscription based option as well as ONEX membership pass

Profit sharing

Holders of 100k or more tokens will earn a share of all revenue generated from trading, marketing, and profit generation. We've now added FriendTech as a revenue stream and will be sharing 100% of all fees generated there as well!

We have public trading wallets that you can track the success of our trades and watch the revenue streams come in. The private wallets are for part of our trading signals (utility) for holders of over 50k $TRENDX tokens Read More...

Project X

Get exclusive access by buying the ONEX pass

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